A Unique Tasting Experience in Downtown Maplewood

Have you ever ordered a beer or wine that sounded intriguing, but wasn’t all you’d hoped for? At Tapped, our concept revolves around tasting and paying only for what you pour. Now, you can sample a wide variety of craft beer and specially-selected wines tailored to your taste. Tapped provides a one-of-a-kind drinking experience by allowing the freedom to self-pour.

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Charity of the Week

Tapped pays our associates a living wage, so tips are donated to a new charity weekly.

  • Amnesty International St. Louis works to educate our community about human rights abuses and to take action on behalf of specific individuals who are suffering human rights abuses. We host panels, speakers, educational events, write-a-thons, and other human-rights-based activities. We also collect signatures on various...