Charity for May 21-26: Let Me Run – St. Louis

Charity for May 21-26: Let Me Run – St. Louis

Let Me Run – St. Louis: Preparing Boys for the Long Run

Let Me Run is a nonprofit wellness program that inspires boys in 4th-8th grades to be themselves, be active, and belong. With a comprehensive curriculum that applies the power of running, the program encourages boys to develop their emotional and social health, in addition to their physical health.

Twice a week for seven weeks, volunteer coaches lead elementary and middle school teams through practice. Designed to amplify confidence, self-expression, and respect for others, each practice incorporates running, games and activities. Each fall and spring season culminates in a 5k race festival that celebrates the boys’ personal growth.

The Boy Code is a harmful mask of masculinity
Today’s society imposes a limiting set of expectations on boys called “The Boy Code,” coined by Harvard
Psychologist Dr. William Pollack. Boys are expected to be and act a certain way within a narrow, destructive definition of masculinity, which limits their potential and individuality.

You’ve heard the negative Boy Code messages:
• Man up
• Boys will be boys
• Boys don’t cry
• Too much testosterone

The Boy Code is failing our boys.
• Boys are two times more likely than girls to be expelled
• 30% more likely to fail out of school, and four times more likely to be prescribed medication for behavior
• Depression in males is often masked by anger
• Four or more U.S. boys commit suicide every day

Let Me Run breaks the Boy Code
The Boy Code is failing our boys, but Let Me Run offers an alternative!

As a result of participation in Let Me Run, boys will:
• Develop a healthy view of masculinity
• Expand social competence
• Deepen school attachment
• Enjoy an active lifestyle

Support for Let Me Run – St. Louis will ensure access to Let Me Run programming for even more boys in the St. Louis area, including those whose families cannot afford the Let Me Run registration fee.

Get Involved!

Volunteer with us as a Let Me Run Coach, 5K Volunteer, or start a Let Me Run team at your school. Learn more about Let Me Run at or contact